Cubed Mobile is Reimagining MDM

Developing Cubed Mobile, we were intended to find a key to a balance between corporate security and employee privacy; work and personal lives.

While the traditional approaches to managing BYOD rely on mobile device management systems, which cover the entire device – personal and corporate, true separation between the business and personal environment is challenging to achieve.

Innovated Technology

Cubed Mobile has come up with a completely new approach to MDM.
The technology transforms one mobile into two, encapsulating an entire business smartphone in a super-app, virtually separating the personal device from the corporate device.

So, what is Cubed Mobile indeed?


  • Secure Remote Workspace

Keeps your business data isolated in a secure encrypted environment.

  • Personalized Device Management

Lets you create work environments with different settings, apps and access-rights based on user parameters.

  • Data Loss Prevention

Allows admins to remotely backup, restore and wipe entire work spaces.

  • User Privacy Protection

Now you can manage corporate data while leaving your employees' personal data untouched.

  • Unified Team Communication

Empowers your team with multiple phone lines, secured file sharing, and instant messaging.

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