Sensitive Information Exposure on Android & iOS

Duration: 42 min

Most of us take it for granted that all the apps on our phones are safe and we don't face an imminent danger while we use them to do everyday tasks.

But the reality is we are easily susceptible to attacks at any moment. Studies show that nearly every category of application suffers from vulnerabilities that could leave sensitive user data exposed.

When it comes to your customers' personal data or business data on your employees' device, every little flaw in your cybersecurity can cost you billions of dollars. Credit card numbers, banking accounts, healthcare data, passport numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, user credentials such as usernames and passwords are just some of the types of information that can be left exposed. 

Join our exclusive, comprehensive webinar, where we will identify the common app weaknesses every business should be aware of.


Your privacy is important to us and your information will be kept confidential.


2020/07/15 13:00 PM EST

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Why should you care?

Big or small businesses - they all pay. We will show you recent cases - how much money companies lost for data exposure.

How can the info be exposed?

We will talk about:
exposure statistics,
known misconceptions,
top weaknesses of iOS and Android.

Live Demo: Hacking on Android & iOS

We will show you how easy it is to steal data from mobile devices using Android and iOS apps.

About The Host

Nikita Kurtin
Director of R&D, Cubed Mobile

Nikita Kurtin is a broadly accredited expert of computer security, program development, IoT, and cyber operations boasting a successful track record, acting as an R&D director in leading Israeli firms. Nikita is an acknowledged Android security contributor with 7-years of experience in cyber training and consulting (IBM, Verint, CheckPoint, Raiffeisen Bank, Alpha Bank, and many SMB companies), the speaker in cyber conferences and meet-ups, mentor and judge in hackathons, highly ranked contributor in Stackoverflow.

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